Mission, Values and Vision

Speed4trading - a company with an innovative future!

Speed4trading it exists and functions in accordance with its mission, values and vision, which are stronger and controlling factor. Our team is imbued with the spirit of our values. All strategic actions of the company originate from the mission, taking into account the values and adjusted for vision.

The well-being of the world depends on many factors, but the most important is the concern for the environment. Therefore, our company is focusing its efforts on this aspect. We constantly introduce in its newest production technology of security and surveillance systems.



“Speed4trading is an independent security systems company providing effective local and regional support for customers through the exchange of resources and experiences.”

Our belief

Speed4trading will partner with you and your staff to ensure that every project is managed with exceptional expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The Company visits several trade shows worldwide every year to present products and services, and to keep current in all that’s going on in the world today regarding security of life and property.



“Ecology, harmony and humanity are our values. We protect and defend these values.”

Our commitment

Humanity is an absolutely necessary requirement for the formation of a harmonious future for our planet. Ecology – the key to a happy and prosperous civilization. Speed4trading care for the environment through the introduction of innovative production technologies. The working conditions in our facilities have a high level of safety and comfort. We work with Innovation, Honesty, Reliability and fairness, Hard effort, Teamwork

Speed Corp.


“Human civilization only through innovation can exist harmoniously on the planet.”

Our quality

Empower vision for the security and growth of the world. And to be a leading Value Add Distributor and to become the “go-to” provider of possible and clever security solutions able to supply this business with needed products and technical services.

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Speed4trading is a leading company in camera surveillance & security systems, established in 1999, by egyptian capital and egyptian young men. And within few years we became one of the most important egyptian leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions.